Primitive data types

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Variables can be of three different types: integer, floating point and string. You create a variable by assigning a value to it or by simply naming it (which also initializes its value). All variable names must begin with a letter. Floating point variables must end with # and strings with $ the first time they're used. Ex:

an_integer = 5 a_float# = 2.5 a_string$ = "Hello" another_integer another_float# another_string$

another_integer, another_float and another_string will get the values 0, 0.0 and "".

Normal mathemathical rules and precendence apply to integers and floating points. Strings may only use + and - and paranthesis. Ex:

a$ = "dude" - ("d" + "e") + "ne"

, would set a$ to "dune".

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