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Poly Editor is a tool that was originally written by Guilect and enhanced by Marcus Johansson. The previous versions used NaaLaa's SimpleWidget library for GUI. This version, modified by John Master (me), uses the IUP extension instead and therefor feels like a normal Windows program.

With Poly Editor you can draw polygons for your NaaLaa programs. You can copy the auto-generated polygon array directly into your program, save it as code or a simple to read file format.

There's a library named PolyStuff that you can use to load saved polygons. This library also lets you draw your polygons using transformations. Check out the examples from the NaaLaa editor!

The tools

In the File menu you can load and save your polygons in two different formats. If you're planning to use the PolyStuff library I suggest you use the normal Load/Save rather than Load as code/Save as code.

You can place, drag, insert and delete points by clicking in the Edit area. Select a point and press Delete to delete a point, click on a line connecting two points to insert a new point.

Your points will snap to the grid if Use grid with spacing is checked. You can change the grid size or turn it off completely.

You can close and unclose the polygon by clicking the Close poly button. Closing the polygon does not add any extra point - it is suggested that you close the polygon this way rather than using duplicate points.

If you want a smoother polygon, you can subdivide it using the Subdivide button.

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