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Free Platform Assets - johnno1956 - 07-18-2022

Did a quick Google search for free platform assets... For both personal and commercial use... Contributions and or accreditation is not required but appreciated..  These might just get the creative juices flowing... Maybe. Just maybe.

Food for thought... Parallax scrolling... Now 'that' would be cool...

RE: Free Platform Assets - kcfb - 07-18-2022

Nice one Johnno....found a couple of good ones straight away.....

RE: Free Platform Assets - Rick3137 - 07-19-2022

Very cool.

I could spend hours collecting those.

RE: Free Platform Assets - johnno1956 - 07-19-2022

Yeah... I used to have internet speed like that too... lol Nah. I know what you mean... Almost addictive...