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clicking stars game - rolen - 01-25-2019

this is another hello world game I make. this one is more for game design.

in this game, you click stars before they disappear, to make them reappear click the sun

hers the git repo:

[Image: star%20click.gif]

it wasn't easy to find how to change the alpha (transparency of img). but I found how with a small forum search.

no oop was also hard but I managed.

I see great potential in naalaa. with its pre built libs raycasting and a doom engine clone. would like t try these when I get more comfortable with it. I'll try porting all of my frameworks as functions, after all its all logic at the end of the day.

maybe I will make tutorials for naalaa in the future.

RE: clicking stars game - cvirus - 01-25-2019

Nice, i made some changes in the code, this way works on both Linux and windows.

import "Keycodes.lib"
import "Speed.lib"

set window (screenw()-300 )/2, (screenh() - 400)/2, 520, 540

set redraw off

rem ---------asstes vars
star = 1
sun = 2

rem ------- load assets---------
load image star , "res/star.png"
load image sun , "res/sun.png"

rem star objects
rem create stars using function createStars
stars?[] = createStars(5)

rem sun object
s.x = rnd(200)
s.y = rnd(200)
s.w = 40
s.h = 40
s.type$ = "sun"

rem  player points
points = 0

rem player rank
rank$ = "none"

rem mouce cordenates
mx = mousex()
my = mousey()

rem ---------game loop

    set color 0, 0, 0

rem ---------------start game loop--------------

    rem --------------------- update
         rem update mouse variable to current mouse pos
        mx = mousex()
      my = mousey()
    c = clickObj(s,mx,my,stars)  
     c = clickStars(stars,mx,my,points)

    rem -------------------- render
      set color 255, 255, 255
      scale -1.1,-2.1
     draw image sun, s.x, s.y, 0, 0, s.w, s.h
        r = renderStars(stars)
    rem draw points to screen
    set caret 10, 10
    write "points: ",points
    rem print rank
    rank = rankHandale(points)
    set caret 150, 10
    write "rank: ",rank

rem ---------------end game loop----------------------
    _SPD_HoldFrame 60
until keydown(VK_SPACE, true) or not running()

rem -------------------------star funcs -------------------------

rem create stars

function createStars?[](num)
    for i = 0 to num-1
        s[i].x = rnd(400)
        s[i].y = rnd(400)
        s[i].w = 40
        s[i].h = 40
        s[i].alpha = 255
        s[i].type$ = "star"
    return s

rem end create stars

rem render stars
function renderStars(&s?[])
    star = 1
    for i = 0 to sizeof(s)-1

        set color 255, 255, 255, s[i].alpha
        draw image star , s[i].x, s[i].y    
        s[i].alpha = s[i].alpha -1

set color 255, 255, 255,255
    return 0
rem end render stars

rem handale stars being clicked
function clickStars(&s?[],mx,my,&points)
    for i = 0 to sizeof(s)-1

        c = clickObj(s[i],mx,my,s)    
        if c and s[i].alpha>10 then points = points +1;


rem end clickStars

rem -------------------------end star funcs -------------------------

rem -------------------------sun funcs -------------------------
function sunClick(&s?[])

    for i = 0 to sizeof(s)-1
        s[i].alpha = 255    

  return 0
rem -------------------------end sun funcs -------------------------

rem clickObj
function clickObj(&o?,mx,my,&s?[])
    rem debug
  set color 255, 0, 0
    rem draw rect o.x , o.y, o.w, o.h

    rem check if object is clicked
    if mousebutton(0) and    mx < o.w+o.x and mx > o.x and my < o.h+o.y and my > o.y
        rem move object to a randop position
        o.x = rnd(200)
      o.y = rnd(200)    
        if o.type$ = "sun"
            c = sunClick(s)
        return true


    return false
rem end clickObj

rem rank handler function (changes rank text )
function rankHandale$(points)
    if points > 10 then rank = "star clicker"
    if points > 20 then rank = "pro star clicker"
    if points > 25 then rank = "master star clicker"
    if points > 30 then rank = "no life"
    if points > 35 then rank = "you shod stop you know"
    if points > 40 then rank = "this game never ends"
    if points > 50 then rank = "good job you win"
    if points > 60 then rank = "you can stop now"

    return rank

I used the import to import the:
import "Keycodes.lib"
import "Speed.lib"

and then used the VK_SPACE instead of " ", also i used the _SPD_HoldFrame 60 instead of the wait, this way it runs on 60 fps in every machine, this is why we need the Speed.lib, i also rename the Star.png to star.png cause Linux is case sensitive.

Great job.

RE: clicking stars game - rolen - 01-25-2019

ok good to know ill do things that way from now on.
updated the git code.