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Animation basics - Marcus - 09-10-2019

This example shows some simple animation stuff for new beginners. It's just a pacman-like character that can move around.

RE: Animation basics - johnno56 - 09-10-2019

First off... Nice example. I especially like the fact that it is well commented.

I have what may sound like a bit of a silly question... I can "see" in the sample how 'keycodes.lib' is used but I'm not so sure I could "see".how the 'speed.lib' is used. Can I assume that this library works 'behind the scenes'?

RE: Animation basics - cvirus - 09-10-2019

_SPD_HoldFrame 60

Is the part that of "speed.lib"

RE: Animation basics - johnno56 - 09-10-2019

Cool... Thanks for clearing that up. Much appreciated.