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picking sticks in naalaa and a few questions
I ported my hello world for game dev to naalaa:

[Image: picking.gif]

a simple game to implement. I use it to get up and running with different engines (the gif is of an android port).

I really like naalaa, it has a lot of libraries and tools I can't implement myself like raycasting and pathfinding. the sprite "grid" is one of the best I ever used, I also liked the tilemap and collision detection.

the only problem is that I can't do without oop: class and inheritance. my game framework is based on this.

I somehow managed in blitz 3d with their objects, but naalaas objects can only hold variables. not images or functions. 

how would you suggest I do this? I didn't code games with procedural programming in almost 10 years.
I learned game programming properly with flashpunk an as3 game engine. which is heavily oop based.
today I use mostly java or lua (corona sdk) even javascript has a prototype based oop.

what do you think what should I do?

my next goal is to make a naalaa cheatsheet and port my clicking stars game. for future newcomers.

I also consider using naalaa as a teaching tool for total beginners who want to get into game dev.
it has a very low entry barrier and a lot of tools.

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picking sticks in naalaa and a few questions - by rolen - 01-24-2019, 01:25 PM

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