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avoider game
a very simple game don't let enemies touch you.

this time it's not a port I thought of the idea yesterday

this is the git repo for the game:

[Image: av.gif]

the hardest part was figuring out naalaa doesn't have a way to check if an object attribute is null.

to go around it I just initiated everything and add a =  false as a flag that this entity doesn't "exist" yet.

retro game programming is not easy, looking at the scrolls of doom again I appreciate even more the mighty Carmack and other code mages of his age.

creating the start and game over screen was also a task (not hard) I will try to improve it, maybe add a menu screen func/s (i think it will take more than one function). maybe make it its own lib so others may use it too.

off to the next one.

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