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Some time ago I programmed a videogame in another language but not even the Pope in Rome knows it XD. I can provide code, I would pass it on to Naalaa, but I still haven't studied this language in depth.
The game is very simple, you just have to press the z key. When you get ten hits in a row, you throw a mega bomb that completely destroys the building. If you miss, be careful, increase the speed! until after a clock time... If you pass several levels, you enter the records panel and it looks like it's celebrated XD!!

Be careful if you fail, the speed will increase and the plane will end up shot down!!
A fan of the mythical amstrad computer

All the best
Nice concept and execution - very difficult though.

One thing - I couldn't get it to work in a chrome browser - it just showed a black rectangle. Fine in Microsoft Edge though.

I remember the original Amstrad CPC464 version was quite "spartan" (Plane, bomb and buildings). Each successful landing would make the next level buildings a little higher. Sometimes I would get to the third level... But that was rare...

Thank you for the memories...


ps: I still have the "listing" if you would like it...
May your journey be free of incident.
Live long and prosper.
I tried it and totally sucked at it Big Grin

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