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Block comment/uncomment
Is it possible to add the above feature to the NaaLaa editor please - I would find it very useful personally? If I have missed an easy way to achieve this please let me know? Many thanks.
I do not think that NaaLaa as block comment, I only know 2 ways of comments , one is with rem and the other with the '.
But it's a nice feature.
Thanks cvirus, that confirms what I thought. Marcus - would you consider adding this functionality to a future release of the editor, if it can be achieved without too much effort? Regards.....
You can comment out blocks with { and }, but the syntax highlighter won't catch it Smile  

wln "hello there"
' foo and bar won't be written
{wln "foo"
wln "bar"}
Great, hidden gems :-).
That's great...thanks Marcus......

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