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About the editor, a summary.
Hi, some suggestions.

Summary of my suggestions for the editor :

1. Real full screen after opening the editor.

2. The edit area inside the editor is short. I mean that the height of the edit area is too short. Therefore, user needs to scroll too much when editing the source code. I suggest:

a. Replace all the icons inside the editor with smaller icons.
b. Abandon the output message window. Instead, when running a program in the editor, a new tab is automatically created for displaying all       the output messages. (Just like the freeware Blitzmax)
c. Change the position of the "Subroutines, Goto" area. Put this "Subroutine, Goto" area to the right hand side of the icons inside the editor.

Thank you very much.
Maybe it'd be better to make the Linux version of NED work on Windows. I like it better, and it's written in naalaa without using the IUP toolkit. Since I've written the gui library myself, I have full control over everything.

I've been very busy for a couple of months, which has meant no time at all for naalaa. Sorry about that Sad

[Image: linux_ned.jpg]
The Linux editor looks very amazing! I like it very much. Please port it to Windows.

I want to use the new editor as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

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