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TD editor question
TD editor is still usable in the last version of Naalaa  ? or there is a new version released ?

Before i was on the old forum, i just register on the new forum, it's cool Naalaa is not dead.

Recently i have updated my french version of Naalaa with all tools also in french to match the last Naalaa version, also i  saved some examples from the old forum i need to sort them.
Nothing changes have been made to the TD extension, but it's not included in the "bundle". Would you mind posting the version of TD that you've got? I don't have it on the computer I'm using these days.
Hi Marcus, here the files, i will release soon the naalaa with the french version, and some game examples from the old forum.

I can't join the files in this post because it's limited to 2 048 ko, well i host the files on my homepage:

I have also some PDF files (Naalaa5 Manual and tutorials) if you need them i can host them.

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