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Typical Linux Craps
Ah. 32 bit... Ok. just ignore my instructions... lol
(09-10-2019, 01:24 PM)Aurel Wrote: What ha ha ha Big Grin 

That "ha ha ha" - "How I failed to install and run Linux"  (remember?) Wink  Things like NaaLaa or Yabasic should just work. FreeBASIC will work if you installed all development libraries. And what XFCE? On the official BaCon website there is 32-bit .deb file and it doesn't say anything about XFCE. As far as I know it's DE independent package. Of course if you want to run the editor or compile HUG programs then you need to have GTK libraries installed. I remember something about GtkSourceView missing, but I'm not sure know if it was really BaCon related (I tried the editor ages ago).
Yes Tomek have a right
when you right right Smile 
yeah ..unfortunatelly there is just that deb pack
of course i understand that bacon is a freakin translator and that require gcc to be installed.
what i download is just that deb file and is not enough.
Freebasic is also problematic even i don't expected such a complication with him.
so all stories from fb community that linux is supported is very crappy..

yes i don't receieve any error which say something about gtk then about xfce

what is really strange.
i don't know i will see...
Aurel, forget the debs.


1. Install dependencies by typing in your terminal sudo apt install gcc ncurses-devel ncurses-compat-libs libffi-devel mesa-libGL-devel libX11-devel libXext-devel libXrender-devel libXrandr-devel libXpm-devel
2. Download 32-bit FreeBASIC for Linux -

3. Extract the archive (you should have this option in right click menu).

4. Open extrated directory in the terminal (again, right click menu).

5. Type sudo ./ -i

6. Enjoy FreeBASIC.


1. Download this package -

2. Extract the archive.

3. Open extracted directory in the terminal.

4. Type ./configure

5. When ready type make

6. When ready type sudo make install

7. Enjoy BaCon.
Yep. Some of the repository DEB's can be several versions old. I installed FreeBasic just as you have described many moons ago. I primarily use Geany as my "go to" IDE and FB compiles and runs very well. My biggest problem is not knowing enough of FB to produce anything of worth... lol

I have seen Bacon in "Basic Lists" before but have never tried it... Hmm... Thanks for the instructions... Cool.
I'll let you know how the install went...

Thank you.

Install went without a hitch... and thanks for the Geany config file...

Now the fun starts....

Compiled the 'minimal browser', using Geany, from the Bacon website and it ran flawlessly. With only the compile command set, the next step, is to work on colour text for 'bac' files in Geany...
Thanks tomek
i will try in steps.

I am interested in one thing ..of course if you can say.
BaCon translate code to C..right ? 
Is that mean that produced binary run faster than program compiled with FreeBasic?

To be honest i never liked FreeBasic very much (one of reason i like Oxygen basic much more).
From my experience BaCon and FreeBASIC are equally fast.
Ok tomek..
there is a one strange thing to me about that BaCon forum..
there is just 204 members from which you may see 5-8 members posting  Rolleyes
such a low interest hmm even there is noo many linux Basics.
Well situation is almost the same everywhere.

What a heck ...on python forum is so many members with so many questions
BUT there is a very small amount of answers..
of course there is stackoverflow and other crappy expert places
but i expect much more replays .
I download bacon tar
and i have stupid problem... Rolleyes
with what to extract.. damn i don't have any archiver extractor
what you guys use on linux ?
I believe it is a tar.gz file. In the terminal type tar xvzf [full name of the file].tar.gz . I'm writing this from my Porteus laptop. GNOME Archive Manager and P7ZIP File Manager are pre-installed. That's why you shouldn't be using a minimal distro. I mean really minimal distro. Porteus is a minimal distro and have these utilities out of the box... Command line option should work, anyway. If it doesn't then well... find another distro.

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