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RetroB forum is in closing.
End of Retrogamecoding and Basicprogramming Forum
Why I'm not surprised? The place has been dead for years. RIP.
for years.............yeah it is 
in fact ..if you remember OLD basicprogramming is also just a trash talk forum too.
In genaral all hobby programming is dead... forum is a ordinary piece of crap too
harbour ..give me a break ...such a babeling about nothing
etc..etc... Big Grin

just type in a freakin Goo 
hobby programming forum

look at this vironIT
...gee they LIST of places are for LLLLLSSSS Big Grin
Oh dear... If, as you say, "In general all hobby programming is dead..." then what are our options? All of the programming that I attempt IS for a hobby. I neither have the time, the finances, the resources to create an income/career/lifestyle from programming with "real" languages.

Normally I would view my programming efforts like, "a light at the end of a tunnel"... Now I'm not so sure... I have difficulty seeing the light... Eventually I fear that I will no longer see the tunnel... *sigh*
Quote:All of the programming that I attempt IS for a hobby

hey johnno
maybe not all but let say 80%
Big Grin

yes and mine too is just a hobby
Well, that's sad. 

I know I'm not "that active" when it comes to developing naalaa. I usually mess around with my other programming language when I get some sparetime. But I have no plans to close this place. So if you want me to add more forums for programming in other languages I can do so.

But I really miss the original basicprogramming forum. It was such a lively place, mostly because so many proud language developers were active there Smile

Is John's forum still active? I can't even remember what is was called, for language developers.

Edit On what other forums do people (you) hang around at these days?
I use this one and sdlbasic forum.
My home is sdlbasic (moderator). QB64, RCBasic and of course Naalaa are the sites I prefer to haunt... lol

I'm glad there are no intentions to close 'this' site... Woo Hoo!!
Is John's forum still active? 

you mean JRS...oh dear
i think that superMike told him about retoB closing..
(10-20-2019, 12:19 PM)Rick3137 Wrote: It's not dead until every one of us quit programming.

 I plan to do more, but it's just a hobby and I have lately been side tracked.

 Multiple languages sounds like a good idea. I've been studying Python as a new one.

Python, you say? Not a big fan of it, but I haven't used it that much.

If you want something "different" you should try Smalltalk Smile It's as OOP as it gets, super fascinating language!

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