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RetroB forum is in closing.
Yeah from your perspective may sound like fun but it is not just like that.
he JRS is not ordinary trouble-maker he doing this for money $$$
he promote himself as ScriptBasic manager and as such he runing some sort of bussines where
people paid him for someone else that enough.
So Marcus... whole thing is not about enthusisam or I LIKE BASIC or some friendly talks
or friendly fights i have with tomaaz...JRS is like a fox.

So that is one of resons i don't like to to post anything on Oxygen Basic  forum
from my point of view..Charles ( author of Oxygen basic ) made fatal mistake when he agree with
JRS to open forum on his " WEB SPACE" God knows ...what kind of macination is that.
And all over all that craps he dare to say that we (me & tomek) are  responosible for low interest on
what a L I A R.
It looks like John has been kicked out from the official Raspberry Pi forum. Reason? Spamming (what a surprise). Big Grin
yeah and that is not ALL, he open his own RPi forum where he talks with followers. Big Grin
And they still don't understand that Raspberry Pi is a HARDWARE project and posting topics lika "Here is BaCon and ScriptBasc running on it and which one is faster" is completely pointless. They are completely missing the point. Completely.
ahh i don't visit that site but i know that you have a right

..similar thing going on OxygenBasic forum where superMike patronize about
mini scheme/lisp project ...

you probably lurikin on many places is there anything normal left ?
Well... If you're talking about sites related to BASIC in general than the answer is "no". I mostly visit forums related to Linux (Phoronix, Destination Linux, MXLinux/AntiX), but I don't post much (and not under Tomaaz Wink). You're obviously not interested in Linux, so no - I can't recommend anything to you.
Yes if we talk about BASIC that is true, for other languages well i am not interested very much simply because i have
no time for all that things ,,,linux yes it is interesting , from time to time i use my new BugTraq(wifi hackin) distro
just to test antennas i build and nothing more.
The latest Sparky is great. I've got 64bit semi rolling edition with minimal GUI installed and it works great on my ancient laptop. Since I've discovered Raylib all my coding is done in C. I also learn and practice a lot of advanced Linux stuff. Not really interested in BASIC anymore. Don't get me wrong. I don't thing that BASIC is a bad language, but I've moved on.

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