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Rocket Boy
I just started writing some code for a game, was thinking about something Defender like but with a boy using a jet pack. But I discovered something weird (atleast on Linux).

You move left and right with the corresponding arrow keys and hold up to use the jet pack. You shoot with spacebar. If I hold left and up (to fly up left) and press spacebar while still holding the other buttons, spacebar doesn't register. Does this happen for anyone else? Is there a difference between Windows and Linux, or is it perhaps a limitation on my keyboard? If I press spacebar first and then up and left, it works as it should.

Sorry for the graphics.

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Then I found this post:

How annoying. Up, right and spacebar works and any other combination, but not up, left and spacebar :/
#3 annoying/strange. Seems that the article is correct and it depends on the keyboard used - the key combination works fine on my Linux installation on an old Toshiba laptop, but not on a Windows installation on a Dell laptop (using 1.0.2). A combination to avoid.....
It also happens on my HP Pavillion, after converting to Windows mode.
Alright, not just me then Smile But I don't think it's a bug in naalaa, found more posts about similar issues. I'll just use some different keys.

Thanks for testing and reporting!
I just tested it on my Windows laptop and noticed that there are still # issues for the min and max functions. Sorry about that, I'll patch it, also need to update Keycodes library for Windows.
I got some free time and continued working on this game. The zip in the first post has been updated.

There are four types of enemies so far. You can shoot them, but they can't hurt you, nor can their bullets. There's absolutely no point in playing the "game" yet. When all predefined waves of enemies have appeared nothing more happens.
Just the way I like it.... Not getting killed off within the first 2 minutes!! Woo Hoo!! Big Grin

Nice game.
Hi everyone

Testing Rocket Boy in NaaLaa 6 (windows version).

Where is the key for shooting ?[Image: sad.png]

If you press "space" many times in the beggining of game your health will go beserk and you will get "eternal" life in game. [Image: smile.png]

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