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Version 1.0.3 released
I'm terribly sorry for the small and frequent updates. But I found some issues while jumping between Linux (which is my primary platform these days) and Windows.

This fix is for both Linux and Windows:
  • The filled ellipses drawn with draw ellipse now looks much smoother (I noticed some asymmetry)

This is for Windows only:
  • The Keycodes library has been updated with they keys VK_a to VK_z

When using the keydown function to check whether an alphabetical key is being pressed, rather use, for example, VK_a, than "A". This is for platform compatibility reasons. The truth is that keyboard input works much better on Linux than it ever did on Windows. I will make a big overhaul for Windows regarding this soon.


I promise I won't release another update for atleast a month now Smile
Cool. Thanks for you all your efforts. Smile


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