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Nah, there's no limit on how many images you can load.

I'll try it on Linux now and see what happans Smile
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Ah, you're using \ instead of / when loading the images (ex: "data\blue1.png"). I've always used / even on Windows even though I know that \ is standard. However, \ doesn't work on Linux.

I did a search and replace and then the game worked Smile

I will try and remember to fix this internally, so that both / and \ will work on both platforms.

Edit  By the way, I thought that the background image was nice, very cloth like, and went looking for it in the assets folder. To my surpirse I realized you generate it in the code in a very simple way. Impressive Smile
Changing from "\" to "/" worked like a charm. My Linux machine now has "arrows". Cool. Many thanks.


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