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Naalaa source code
Quote:There was another developer who had vanished and left Thomas alone.
another developer ????????????

look ..both of us don't have nothing with that 
especially me ,and as you like to say ..that is just my stupid opinion  Big Grin

and another thing..
this is not a place for such a talks..who care what happened 
you ?

i just said in context of guy "who like to mess around with someone else work "

continue if you wish ...  Big Grin
Well, it wasn't me who started this conversation about Yabasic 3... And the second developer was Pedro Sa. Memory not as good as it used to be?
Thomas set the expectations way too high, I think, promising so much.
That sounds like my next project
tokenizer finished .... Big Grin
nice... jackie
i would like to see this tokenizer Smile

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