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Alone again
*sigh* I feel that I am the only one here... *sigh*
Still around too :-).
... a voice in the wilderness ...

I usually pop in a few times each day, on the off chance, that I might find someone else... As I live on the other side of the planet, catching someone else online, is quite rare... It's good to know that there is at least one other logging in...

This site has been very quiet for quite a long time... I am also a member of some "basic" sites and they too are a bit on the quiet side...
I think all this virus stuff maybe impacting numbers as well. I think people's priorities may be going through change. Hopefully everything will return to some form of normalcy...

Inspiration is quite difficult for me, most of the time, probably why I "browse" through projects... lol Anything to get the juices flowing... May I ask what 'you' do for inspiration and have you been working on anything lately?

It's almost midnight and I'm struggling to stay awake. Have a great day!

Quote: May I ask what 'you' do for inspiration and have you been working on anything lately?

Nothing, i was thinking of picking something and improve it but i do not have the energy, damn virus....
Although the distance between us is vast, I think our inspiration and zeal, may be related... lol

Anyway, I hope that you will be feeling better soon... Have a great day!
many people goes to discord this days
qb64 forum is active but qb64 discord chanell is much more active
Thanks Aurel. I will check out qb64 discord when I get back home. Appreciated.
Account created... No one was online... Probably because I live on the other side of the planet... *sigh*
probably ..i don't know
as i said before to you on rcforum i think ..i am moving my programming things to discord and to facebook depend
what is where , there things are go too fast and without too much thinking ...nothing can replace good old forums
but things are changed...

In the discord i open my own discord channel:

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