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Early beta version of N7

I'm very aware of the status of this completely dead forum. The forum will be removed/replaced or something soon.

Because of old and messy code, I couldn't develop n6 any further. There were language features I wanted to add but simply couldn't. However, during the summer 2021, I began working on n7, and I started from scratch (not a single line of code from n6 has been reused). To show you that me and naalaa are still, kind of, alive, I've now decided to release an early beta version of n7. And, yay, it's now "open source".

Here's a download link that will always be set to the latest version released:

Unzip it somewhere, read the PDF file, start ned.exe and play around with the examples Smile

* Rewrote most parts of asm.c
* Added some bytecode optimizations
* Added the 'draw vraster' and 'draw hraster' commands
* Added the 'assert' command
* Added the 'asm' and 'endasm' commands for inline bytecoding
* Fixed a bug where 'copy' did absolutely nothing
* Added support for dynamic window size

* Added the 'save image' command
* Added the 'save font' and 'load font' commands and the 'loadfont' function
* Fixed some garbage collector issues

* Added the command 'gc' to force garbage collecting
* Fixed a memory issue during deep copying of tables
* Fixed a bug in the 'fwait' function
* % is now a modulo rather than remainder operator

* Added support for scrolling with mousewheel in ned
* Added support for mousewheel through mousebutton(2)
* Added a pause (wait for key press) after runtime errors in console applications
* Added a message box for runtime errors in win32 applications

* First beta release.
Great, thanks for the release Marcus, will test it asap.

Missing libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll .

Maybe this will help:
The libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll should be in the compiler's bin directory. You can add this directory to your PATH environment variable for runtime linking, or you can avoid the problem by adding "-static-libgcc -static-libstdc++" to your compiler flags.
Thanks, cvirus, I've updated the zip. Better try downloading it on another computer ...
Well, still got thae same problem, i tried the new zip, the compiler works nice but the result exe gives the same error the missing libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll.
Tested in windows 10 and windows 11, same result.
Ok, that got real messy.

I couldn't make the static linking work (error was still there when trying to run from another computer), so I tried just adding "-static" to the flags, but that made PortAudio go complete apeshit. So for now, I've just added the missing DLL to the zip (all needed DLL files are copied to your program's folder when you build it from NED btw).

I've removed the old link, and the new one is:

Thanks for the help, cvirus Smile

EDIT: No, I don't have much experience in using mingw, gcc or make Big Grin I'll have to do some reading.
It works great on Windows 10 but not on Windows 11, runs nice but doen`t compile or shows the result when you run it.

Gives me this on the console IDE.
Welcome to the most primtive IDE thinkable!
Loaded "C:\Users\silvn\OneDrive\Área de Trabalho\N7\examples\ex22_fonts.n7"
Saved "C:\Users\silvn\OneDrive\Área de Trabalho\N7\examples\ex22_fonts.n7"
... Well, here's the final try. If it doesn't work I'll throw my computer out the window and become a poet.
Works great in my windows 11 machine, no need to be a poet, keep the computer around a little longer. :-)
I ran it with Wine on my Linux Mint box and it ran just fine. Is it too soon to ask about the Tilemap and Raycaster? By the way... I like the "dark" look as well... Smile

The ide is Great.
What about the Linux Version on n7?

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