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Color waves
Hi Gloomshroud,

Sorry about the math, I was trying to get going again with Naalaa and picked what I thought should be something easy and be eye candy!

Imagine a grid of points. Imagine a string tied to each point. Imagine a ball swinging around at the end of the string.
Now imagine the swinging balls synchronized so they create a wave pattern down each row, a sine or cosine wave.
Now imagine all the rows of swinging balls, waves, also synchronized.
You get a wavy surface.

I can dig up a cleaner, maybe more understandable coding if you are interested. You would be able to see the points, strings and balls rotating at the end of the strings. It's pretty cool too as you can pattern the colors like pixels in text to produce a wavy message.

Hi Johnno and Marcus,

Today I spent morning testing circle fill routines against Draw Ellipse. On my machine, the code I used for drawing a filled circle in wavy takes about half the time as draw ellipse but the "circles" are more like rounded diamonds. I did find a couple of comparable times to draw ellipse time and one might slightly edge it out in time. It is the gold standard used at QB64 but the difference is so slight it does not justify carrying the extra code.

My test loop ran radii from 255 to 1 varying the color, here is the code with results in comments.

I am interested in what results Linux produces.

.zip   Filled circle (Size: 1.66 KB / Downloads: 3)

OK I tested download of zip and it works perfectly. You will have to comment out the one line _QBfcirc and uncomment draw ellipse with true for filled version, to compare times.
b = b + geberation
Ok. Ran each method several times.

Draw circle avg: 45ms
Draw ellipse avg: 15ms

In both cases the images were produced that fast I could not see it being drawn. Cool.
(07-18-2018, 09:30 PM)johnno56 Wrote: Ok. Ran each method several times.

Draw circle avg: 45ms
Draw ellipse avg: 15ms

In both cases the images were produced that fast I could not see it being drawn. Cool.

You definitely have different results on Linux!

' Much better wavy.txt
' written for Naalaa 6 by bplus 2018-07-18


wW 512
wH 512

pi# = acos#(-1.0)


set window 100, 20, wW, wH

wln "B+ "
wln "..."

p[21][ 21]
for y = 0 to 16
   for x = 0 to 16
       if pixeli(x, y) <> pixeli(0, 10) then p[x + 3][ y + 3] = 1

'check array, good!
'for y = 0 to 19
'    for x = 0 to 19
'        if p[x][y] = 1
'            set color 0, 0, 255
'            draw rect 100 + x, 100 + y, 1, 1
'        endif
'    next
'wait keydown

set redraw off
r = 1 ; phase# = 0.0; loopCount = 0; d = 1
while 1
   set color 0, 0, 0
   draw rect 0, 0, wW, wH, true
   loopCount = loopCount + 1
   if loopCount = 10
       loopCount = 0
       r = r + d
       if r > 15 or r < 2 then d = d * -1
   for y = 1 to 20
       for x = 1 to 20
           'this syncs all the string angles from the grid points
           phase# = phase# + pi# / 40.0

           ' Sorry the following is still pretty hairy looking: 18.0 = 360 / 20 ie the circle divided into 20 even sections.
           ' The following calculates the other end of all the strings which is the origin of the swinging balls (xs, ys).
           ' The points have a distance of 20 and the strings are also 20 pixels long.
           ' The 40 is an offset to provide a margin for the point grid.
           xs = 40 + 20 * x + int(20.0 * cos#(pi# / 180.0 * (phase# + (float(x) + float(y)) * 18.0)))
           ys = 40 + 20 * y + int(20.0 * sin#(pi# / 180.0 * (phase# + (float(x) + float(y)) * 18.0)))
           set color 255, 255, 255
           draw line 40 + 20 * x, 40 + 20 * y, xs, ys
           if p[x][y]
               set color 0, 0, 255
               set color 255, 255, 255
           draw ellipse xs, ys, r, r, true
   wait 100

OK that code copy / pasted fine from forum to Naalaa editor (after I deleted the characters in the first lines to get them colored in Naalaa).
b = b + geberation
What's a "Bx"? Nah. Kidding. Much faster...


ps: What 'characters'?
(07-19-2018, 12:06 AM)johnno56 Wrote: What's a "Bx"? Nah. Kidding. Much faster...


ps: What 'characters'?

Here is a link to a screen shot (if you are a member of Retrogamecoding): 

The code copy / pasted into Naalaa editor is all still Black and White and there is an extra blank line at the top, it does not run and complains about characters at start of program (the blank line). So I deleted the blank line and the start of the next line so that the color comes back to those commented lines. Then it runs fine!
b = b + geberation
Thanks for the link.. and yes... I am a member...

My mistake... was not looking for a blank line... I was looking for characters... :-?

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