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n7 files not loading in NED
Hi, I am seeing a very infrequent issue where an n7 file will not load at all, and clicking on NED I get the attached error:


To date, I have only seen this with 2 files, one of which was farmer_man.n7. When I downloaded another copy of Farmer_man, it worked fine. Could there be an issue with saving the files?

Unfortunately, I have deleted both of the files that would not load, so cannot pass them over, but I will if I see this happening again.

My files are loaded from/saved to a remote hard drive attached to my network, rather than locally, so perhaps that is the problem?

Marcus - incidentally, did you see my audio bug report?

Thanks - Kevin.
I've had another instance of this, and can see that the reason for the issue is that for some reason a blank or empty file has been saved, and I am trying to open that. I can only think that this is an issue with my home set-up. I'll revert to saving files locally and see if that makes a difference - I suspect it will......
It happened for all empty files but has been fixed in the version I just uploaded. It was an error in ned, not in n7, so you need to use the new version of ned (I recall you were using a modified version a while ago).

This primitive ide will be replaced with something much better, but I can't say when. I'm working on a more "sophisticated" and general gui-library, with layout panels and such things, that will take advantage of resizable windows (support added in the new version).

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