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N7 version 22.02.25b
(02-26-2022, 09:05 AM)johnno1956 Wrote: First test: Using a USB stick as an 'isolated' drive. I ran all of my programs (1945, Santa and Shootemup). All of them loaded, compiled and ran. The "output" of NED indicates that each program is "Executing" but no external window or game screen.

Second test: Did exactly the same, using version N7_220211, via the USB... They all loaded, compiled and ran. All games created a display. All games played as designed.

I must inform you that you should not take my problems as an indication that your program is faulty. Case in point. Kevin's ran ok. We ran the same N7. The only difference would be that I run with Linux Mint and use Wine to execute any and all Windows-based programs. Wine is not 100% accurate at the best of times...

Conclusion: N7_220211 runs fine. I will continue to use it as long as I can. Concentrate on your Windows users. I can wait for a Linux version down the track... then maybe the Raycaster and Tilemap... No pressure, right! lol

I updated the zip just one last time. I fixed the issue kcfb found with the output window and long linesĀ (it no longer scrolls to the end of a newly added line). And I've modified the Run function so that it first changes the directory with 'cd' and then calls 'start' with the same syntax used in old ned. Hopefully it helps, but I have my doubts Smile
Well... Whatever you did, version 220225, is functioning as per design. Nicely done indeed! Much appreciated.

May your journey be free of incident.
Live long and prosper.

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