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My Ludum Dare 50 Compo log
When I was 10, home computers, were in the category of science fiction. About 15 years later I watched the introduction of home computers... but they were SO expensive... Some years later, the prices would drop, and the rest is history. Hooked on computers ever since I built my first kit back in '79... Professionally, I was a senior mainframe computer operator for almost 15 years for Yellow Pages. Left in 2001 to tackle a bout of cancer... My wife then had to find work and our roles have been reversed ever since. Could not get back into the workforce. It is so hard to find anyone who will employ old people. A lot of us, who are at retiring age and older, can still contribute but are not given the opportunity... No.. No... drifting off topic... Sorry... Sore point at the moment...

I am looking at your Staying Awake game primarily to check out how to incorporate a tilemap file into a platformer that I made using sdlbasic. I am not all that familiar with how N7 does it. But it looks fairly similar. In the old days we used to use 'data' statements to contain the map tiles and a whole lot of if/then statements to convert to tile graphics. N7 seems to do it a little differently. By the way... The instruction you gave, in regards to the map table, got rid of the error I was getting... Now all I have to do is work out how N7 reads and converts the map. I also noticed the Tilemap function requires an image of the tiles. I will have to study your code for that method to sink in... This could be fun!
May your journey be free of incident.
Live long and prosper.
Ah, '79 was a good year, that's when I was born Smile But to be honest I think that even I would have troubles finding a new job. At the age of 40+ I'm concidered a dinosaur by many companies. They want young and "hungry" people, not someone who was educated in stone age versions of C++, OpenGL et.c. Hell, probably my knowledge in math is stone age too.

The Tilemap stuff was rushed, but if you find it useful go ahead and use it, and just ask if something seems weird.

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