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Naalaa logo and icons
(05-22-2022, 10:26 AM)Marcus Wrote: Cool! Maybe I can write a library containing some different "splash screens", animated and not. So that one only needs to include the library and call a function at the beginning of a program.

Good job!

  I totally agree with you! The above idea is really amazing!!! Shy
(05-22-2022, 10:03 AM)luigui Wrote: 1. there is a doll in the center,1. A spaceship the central vowel A with its two wings 2. the wings can represent the doll's footwear 3. the typical boxes that light up letter L. 4. The central ball of the ship's shot or the doll's head.
WOW! Wonderful.
This new logo may be the key to the success of NaaLaa's brand and image.
(05-22-2022, 05:31 AM)johnno1956 Wrote: Animation? What did you have in mind?

After the "Breakthrough Arkanoid" project is finished by all of you, the game may be the first NaaLaa game on Itch. Shy
Even on forum looking good in sys try looking
strange ..tom much colors
i think that old icon N7 on windows looking much better

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