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Title: I'm not dead
Post by: Marcus on January 12, 2017

Not much activity here, but I still want to point out that I'm still alive and still work on and use naalaa. Work has kept me really busy for a long while. Also, my mom was diagnosed with cancer early last year. It got worse and worse, and she passed away on January 1 :(  This has really prevented me from "coding for fun" and being active here. Hopefully some fun stuff will happen during 2017 though :)
Title: Re: I'm not dead
Post by: B+ on January 12, 2017
I am sorry for your loss but appreciate your optimistic note.

Don't take lack of activity here personally because there are several forums that are very slow!

I feel like I am one of last people posting any Basic code for fun.
Title: Re: I'm not dead
Post by: Rick3137 on January 12, 2017
   Sorry about your loss, Marcus.
   I lost a father just last spring.
   We humans tend to have short lives. One of the sure things about being Human, is that it does not last very long.
Title: Re: I'm not dead
Post by: Transdiv on January 12, 2017
My condolences for your loss. What can I said?; That's live. I'am not a religious person, but because some events that happend when my father died three years ago, I am now 100% convinced that physical death is not the end; Not sure what is out there but it's not the nothing.

I really like Naalaa but what stop me for using it more actively it's my fear that it's mainly a one man product with closed sources; If something happen to you, the fixing of critical bugs or incompatibility with new versions or upgrades of Windows will get stuck.

Anyway long life to Naalaa!

Title: Re: I'm not dead
Post by: cvirus on January 13, 2017
Sorry for your loss Marcus, those are sad news. We still here.
Title: Re: I'm not dead
Post by: rickclark58 on February 04, 2017
Hey Marcus, it has been a long time. Sorry to hear about your Mom. I have had a similar loss recently myself. Glad to see NaaLaa is still around. I will give 6 a try. Glad to see you are still working on it.

Rick Clark
Title: Re: I'm not dead
Post by: Mr Nutz on February 21, 2017
A lot of time since my last visit and I see this bad news :-[ My condolences...
NaaLaa is a very good program, you are a very good programmer, your Mother must be proud of you in paradise.