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Recently, I have been spending some time looking at videos posted by user Javidx9 on Youtube. Although these all relate to the C++ programming language (which I am not familiar with), the videos explain the principles behind the code in such a clear way, that I find it releatively easy to follow, and have been able to convert some of the projects to Naalaa 7. I actually used one of his videos when I was writing the Asteroids game for Naalaa that is included in the examples folder of the distribution, and I am currently using this video:
Circle collisions
...for a pool game that I am working on at the moment.

May be worth a look at his Youtube channel if you have a few moments to spare, or are looking for inspiration for ideas for gaming projects in Naalaa 7?
Cool video. I have absolutely NO experience with the programming langue used, but as you stated, was easy to follow. I can see how this could inspire a pool-like game. Best of luck with your project. Looking forward to seeing it in action. Cool.
Oooh, Kevin is actually kcfb? The plot thickens!
... and the truth will set you free ...
(01-12-2024, 09:01 PM)Marcus Wrote: [ -> ]Oooh, Kevin is actually kcfb? The plot thickens!

Guilty as charged Marcus, I had to open a new account when the new forum was set up - it wouldn't accept the old details for some reason unknown to me....
How's the pool game going? Doing it in naalaa or another language?
(02-02-2024, 03:45 PM)Marcus Wrote: [ -> ]How's the pool game going? Doing it in naalaa or another language?

Hi, I'm probably about 75% there at the moment, and I'm doing it using Naalaa 7. I have the ball mechanics working well - cue action, collisions and potting. I'm now putting all of the rules of the game into the program, which is complicated by most countries seeming to have different rules Smile . I'll use a simplified set of rules, mixing some rules from different parts of the world. 

So, I'm still actively working on this, albeit slowly, and should have something ready to publish soon(ish)....

All the best - Kevin.

Lots of development details in the image, most will be removed....

Nice! I'm looking forward to playing it!