Full Version: Rock Blaster in Naalaa7
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'Inspired by Rock Blaster ( Naalaa v6 )
'Simplified version of Rock Blaster written in Naalaa v7

'What are in the simplified version ?
' - Player's movement LEFT or RIGHT in 30,60,90,120,150 degree
' - Auto Shoot with guided bullet direction capability Smile
' - Lives = 3
' - Scores= 5 to get the stage completed.
' - Animated Starfleet background (thanks to Marcus)
' - Asteroids move from top to bottom diagonally and slowly
'  I don't know how to make it move faster Smile
' - A fun way to play around with Naalaa (code in Naalaa v7 included)
'This simplified version needs a lot of improvement Smile
'You are most welcome to change the code to suit your needs...
'Don't forget to post and share your own version

[Image: rock_blaster.jpg]