Full Version: Scaling and rotating?
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Is it possible to scale and rotate images in N7 or not yet? If not then when can we expect that?
Not that I know of, although I would like to.
Well, it's a must for this kind of language. N6 had it. I understand that N7 is still on early stage of developement and these features will be added soon.
It's on my todo list, high priority too Smile Right now I don't have a computer though. The cat destroyed the cord to my laptop ...
(02-12-2024, 08:53 AM)Marcus Wrote: [ -> ]The cat destroyed the cord to my laptop ...

Did it try to catch the mouse? Big Grin
Purrrfectly frustrating Smile
(02-12-2024, 08:53 AM)Marcus Wrote: [ -> ]It's on my todo list, high priority too Smile  ...


It sounds great.  Big Grin
If I can rotate an image in N7 so I don't need anymore to have different angles for the same image for [player_angle.png] in RockBlaster (simplified version in N7) ... It would make my life easier  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

.... I think I have to buy "cable protection" for my computer's cord too....wild cats, wild rats everywhere.... but I am not worry of my dogs and my hamsters, they never bite people  Tongue