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My N6
Not really a question... My Linux version of N6 lo longer functions... Oh, it loads and executes programs, except for the fact it no longer recognizes the keyboard... *sigh* 

N7 function flawlessly, so it is not a keyboard issue, per se. 

As N6 has not been updated in a "dogs age", I can only conclude that, something within Linux has "moved on" and has left N6 behind... I suppose it was only a matter of time really...

Can anyone remember "way back" when the Linux version of N6 was available on the website? Does anyone have a copy of the ".deb" version of N6? I would like to test that version to see if I still have a keyboard issue with N6...

Just had a thought... stop laughing... could it be a keyboard.lib problem? I have my doubts because I have never had any need to change it... thought's gone...

Do not waste a lot of time with this... Just pointing out an issue with N6 that "I" am having... Looks like I may have to get busy and attempt some N6 to N7 conversions... *gulp* (no promises) lol
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