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Extended Simple3D version
Some years ago, on the old forum that went kabooom, I posted an extended version of the n6 Simple3D library. The posted version let you create and display some primitive 3d shapes (spheres, cubes, cylinders etc) and even load models in the off file format.
   Does anyone have a copy of the library I posted? Lots of code there that I don't want to rewrite for my new experiments ...
I might...

.zip (Size: 6.14 KB / Downloads: 9)

I hope this helps.

Logic is the beginning of wisdom.
(03-08-2024, 05:50 PM)johnno56 Wrote: I might...

I hope this helps.


Thanks for checking Smile  But that's the original, unmodified library. No worries, I might have it somewhere, can't check until after the weekend.

Now get on with the camping!

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