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Hi Marcus

I am glad that you have forum back. Smile

Sorry, I barely remember writing that code Sad It was a long time ago. I rewrote it in C for a language I called JAIL. But I abandoned that one quickly. Some years later I started working on n7 and rewrote everything from scratch. But most of the stuff in PROLAN is in n7 too.
... ...
(02-03-2024, 01:51 PM)aurel Wrote: edited:
nothing important

Please don't bring the stupid habits and rules from your forum here. If it wasn't important then why did you post it? And, since someone actually bothered to answer you, you should not have deleted your post. If you keep doing it then no one will be wasting their time and energy to answer your questions (as it is already happening on your forum). Just an advice.

BTW Deleting my posts and adding my nickname to the list of censored words was simply insane. It's a modern version  of burning books an rewriting history. I'm so lucky you can't send me to gulag. I wouldn't last very long in Siberia. Big Grin
Little rabbit gets out of your ass

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(02-08-2024, 01:11 PM)aurel Wrote: Little rabbit gets out of your ass

[Image: tenor.gif]
The fights, the memories of ... Other moderators would delete your posts, but I'm making popcorn!
(02-09-2024, 09:41 AM)Marcus Wrote: Other moderators would delete your posts, but I'm making popcorn!

They wouldn't have a chance. Aurel can throw toys out of the pram and delete his posts really fast, outperforming even the best moderators. Wink
ye ye ye....back to topic or i will delete fast Angry 
very fast   Dodgy Dodgy Dodgy  Angry Angry Angry 


so i try to compile with n7 and error jump

function LoadProgram$[](filename$)

error is :
139 .. i  guess is at Line  ....Expected  " ) "

Is that mean that i must use N6 to compile code ?
and if where to find it ?

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