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Space Race
The computer always wins? Hmm... Not the intent... lol Feel free to make whatever changes you think of...

From the short video of the original game, there did not seem to be any "levels" or increases in difficulty as either the scores increase or the "timer" speed up... Back then, I suppose that, just being able to play a game would have been all the entertaining the player could hope for...

It is rare to find any source codes for those "early" games... If there were any, most of it would have probably been written in assembly, which is all "Greek to me"... Spacerace was one of those "electronic circuit" type games that did not use any code... So this version is just my interpretation of what I watched... Prototyped using Basic then converted to N7...

I think I might have a look at some more "old" games... Stir up what few grey cells I have left... then see what happens...

Have a great Xmas and an even better new year!!

Logic is the beginning of wisdom.
Well done, plays well! I'll put this one in the next n7 zip if you don't mind.
I do not mind at all. Glad to be able to contribute...
Logic is the beginning of wisdom.

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