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No computer
Yes. If my laptop breaks, I'm gonna buy a new one the same day. If my fridge breaks, I'm gonna buy a new one the same day. And if my washing machine breaks, I'm gonna buy a new one the same day. Do you really think that the ability to replace one of those on the same day it stops working makes me a rich man? Are you serious? I know a lot of people that, unlike me, replace their equipment regularly (and long before it reaches expected end of life) and I wouldn't call them wealthy. I'm sorry that you can't easily replace your vacuum cleaner or microwave when they break, but the fact that I can is not a reason to be ashamed and I'm not gonna apologize for that. Why do we have to have another drama not related to programming? We've already had mental issues, health problems, accusation of discrimination, so now it's time to discuss who can afford what and who should feel bad about it? No, thanx.
you started with arrogance attitude
If my laptop stops working I'm gonna buy a new one the same day
you should think more in a green way
you should be more eco Big Grin

oh forget ....
Stop projecting your financial situation and anxiety on me. There is nothing arrogant with simply stating that a broken laptop will be replaced with a new one the same day (plus delivery, if bought online). And stop creating another drama. What's next? Are we gonna talk politics in every single topic in here? Do you really wanna sink that low? Oh wait... You've already started.
Quote:Stop projecting your financial situation and anxiety on me

First don't know nothing about my financial situation 
so you just babbling as usual ...if someone projecting something..that is you
bs .. Big Grin

so calm down ...
Yes. I don't know anything about your situation and you don't know anything about mine, so stop accusing me of being an arrogant rich man. We shouldn't be inserting topics like politics,  money, mental issues, helth problems etc. into our discussions as it never ends well and, to be honest, it is the lowest level of conversation.
I now have a computer! I've spent the entire evening on installing msys and mingw and making things compile again (never used msys before, so I had to learn stuff, ew).

It's funny, but it's possible that the n7 runtime compiled with the new setup runs faster than the old one. Maybe I was compiling 32 bit applications earlier after all instead of 64 bit ...

Edit Yes, now I remember testing an n7 game on a 32 bit version of Windows 10 some year ago. I was just doing a speed test and didn't even think about that it shouldn't run on a 32 bit computer. It ran fine. So if anyone has been using n7 on 32 bit Windows, it won't work anymore (unless I create a separate 32 bit build) Sad

well that really depend on compiler
for example o2 app compiled as 32 bit or 64 bit
depend on which rtl32 or rtl64 user use works the same
i mean on same speed in selfcompiled version
but old version based on FB build
is little bit slower in 32bit mode
(02-15-2024, 07:06 PM)Marcus Wrote: I now have a computer!

OK mister arrogant rich man! Big Grin  Soon you'll have to answer all the dumb questions about Prolan's design. Wink 

Marcus, I don't think you need to worry about 32 bit, anymore.

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